Booking Policies

Infinity Wellness Centre Booking Policies

Booking Policies

All bookings reserved by social media messenger are reservations only until a member of staff confirm this booking and issue a reservation receipt.

Confirmations must be received 48 hours in advance of appointment.

All bookings must have credit card security secured against booking.

Any confirmed appointments cancelled within 24 hour period of appointment will be charged a $40 cancellation fee.

All ‘no shows’ will incur the $40 cancellation fee.

Under no circumstances will a booking be actioned without credit card security being provided.

Promotional Gift Vouchers

What is a promotional gift voucher?

This will be identifiable via a messenger bot issued voucher or via a gift card that does not have a gift certificate registration number. Often then registration number section will be blank, or labelled with Promo Voucher or PV.

Terms of Use

Promotional Gift Vouchers are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • They cannot be used for any promotional services;
  • They cannot be used for any services under $120;
  • They can only be used for services, not retail products;
  • They cannot be divided between services, or exchanged for cash;
  • Some promo vouchers may be limited to additional visits if used by existing clients and not used for regular visitations;
  • Are restricted to expiry dates;
  • Client unawareness of such terms cannot be used as a reason for using the voucher outside of these terms;