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Psych Chrissy is a the Founder of Infinity Wellness. She is a start up business entrepreneur, Holistic Wellness Centre/ skin- spa owner, business and general psychologist and mindset expert. Her motivation behind Infinity Wellness was to inspire the masses to feel good and consume holistic health care as a means of enhancing their life! The Infinity Wellness services often leave people feeling like they could take on the world!

Psych Chrissy has literally assisted thousands of clients with mindset barriers and psychological dysfunction which impedes their self development and lifestyle progress

She is a mindset coach that can ‘back herself up’ with both the experience and qualification of a psychologist plus being a successful business entrepreneur.
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Love the mindfulness class and yoga! All the staff and instructors are so lovely and caring! Love coming here each week, always feel amazing after!

Just want to thank Paul Creasey and infinity wellness centre for running such a knowledgable seminar. Have walked away with a lot of useful information. Thanks, heaps guys, absolutely loved it!

Thank you so much Infinity Wellness for my amazing skin products. I am so in love with Saya range makes my skin feel divine not to mention it smells amazing! I don’t regularly cleanse, exfoliate etc but now every night I can’t wait!

My partner and I met Chrissy and Kate at Sunbury square and they were both so friendly and welcoming! My mum and I booked in for our very first yoga class, we both loved it and it was exactly what we both needed after a long day at work! The facials are amazing too! My skin feels so much better after having one of their treatments. I can't wait to keep coming back! Thank you!

What can I say! I walk in at 9am on a Saturday morning and I'm greeted with laughs, smiles and the honest truth. These girls are amazing. I can't recommend them enough. The better thing is my son attends calm kids yoga as well and loves it. I've had a massage, facials, waxing, yoga and mind body bootcamp and I just can't get enough!

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